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About Martina Weisz

I am an Austrian-born photographer and photojournalist documenting my surroundings within its social, environmental, cultural and political contexts. Currently based in Madrid. Photojournalist, Psychologist and Environmentalist currently working for Greenpeace Spain.  


2017 Greenpeace Action "Endesa contaminates you pay". Endesa is a
Spanish company that operates in the electricity and gas sectors.

2017 Greenpeace Action Navantia, against the illegal sale of corvettes to Saudi Arabia. Navantia is a public Spanish military ship construction company.

2017 Greenpeace Action "Lo que Rajoy nos dejo", aimed to end sun tax and dirty energies.

2018 National general strike in Spain (8M) on International Women's Day, Greenpeace Gender Team.

2019 Historical Archive Gallery for Greenpeace Spain, https://archivo-historico.greenpeace.es/galeria.html

2019 Product, Model and Hand shots for Briana Jewellery

2019 Rainbow Warrior documentary, Crew Duties, Transit Algeciras to Vilagarcia de Arousa, Greenpeace Spain.


2018 Exhibition "Los Artistas del barrio" ( Artists in the neighbourhood). Madrid, Spain. https://losartistasdelbarrio.com

2018 Supernova Space, Psychedelic & Imaginary Storytelling “Lady Elizabeth en el bosque”. Tokyo, Japan. http://supernovatokyo.com


2018 Greenpeace magazine issue nr. 25 https://archivo-historico.greenpeace.es/galeria.html

2018 Greenpeace Gender Policy https://es.greenpeace.org/es/noticias/por-todas-sin-equidad-no-hay-paz

2018 Los Artistas del barrio special edition Lavapies, La Latina and Las Huertas (Madrid). 

2019 Historical Archive Greenpeace Spain,  https://archivo-historico.greenpeace.es/galeria.html

2019 Greenpeace magazine issue nr. 29 https://revista.greenpeace.es/gpm-29/2734-2/